The first preview version of Android 14 was released with no support for installing old apps

People who do not sideload their apps have not seen apps for older versions of Android 6 for years because these apps have not been offered in the Google Play Store for a long time. The Google App Store implemented a minimum SDK target level in 2018, which means that new apps to be published on the platform must target a newer version. Therefore, since 2018, developers had to put the target SDK of their applications on Android 8, and this requirement has reached Android 12 today. This means that Google has started hiding old apps in the Play Store some time ago, and now any app that has not released a new update in the last two years will not be displayed in this store.

If you still want to install old apps on your phone, you can use the following code in the command line tool:

To run the above code, you need a USB cable, a personal computer and the Android Developer SDK.

written by ArctechnicaThe second interesting feature of Android 14 is a new idea called “non-linear font scaling”. The mentioned operating system has been offering font scaling for some time now, but now instead of everything getting bigger linearly and uniformly, the size of small texts will change more than large texts. If you use the feature, you’ve probably noticed that some fonts don’t display well at small sizes, so it makes sense that along with smart font scaling, Google has increased the size limit from 130% to 200%.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it’s a bit difficult to talk about all the features of Android 14 right now because we don’t have many resources available. Of course, Google says that in the new version of its mobile operating system, it has implemented many changes to optimize background processes, and by more closely monitoring various services and optimally prioritizing them, it improves the consumption of hardware resources and battery life.

Android is updating to OpenJDK 17. Google plans to fully enable Java 17 language features in the next Android 14 preview versions. On the other hand, this company plans to provide Java 17 features in older versions of Android using Mainlin’s Android RunTime Project module. The company says more than 600 million devices are enabled to receive the latest Android Runtime (ART) updates. ART has become an upgradeable Mainline module in Android 12.

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