The first mobile discount package based on the consumption pattern

According to the General Department of Communications of Iran Mobile Communications Company, the first companion of Poish has launched “Company Internet” and “Company Conversation” with special discounts for each subscriber.

In the “Company Internet” plan, special and cost-effective Internet packages are offered to all regular and credit subscribers of Mobile First, using artificial intelligence and based on the consumption pattern of each subscriber, by purchasing and using them, you can save up to 40% of Internet costs. Reduced compared to using normal packages.

The “Company call” plan, which is intended for calls within the network (first company to first company – first company to landline), offers cost-effective call packages again based on artificial intelligence and based on the consumption pattern of each first company subscriber. , suggests that due to the specificity for each subscriber, it can reduce the call costs by 90%.

First Mobile subscribers can dial the command code “Star 1000 Star 211 Square” to view the package or packages offered for them.

Also, the command code “Star 1000 Star 11 Square” is intended for the use of “companion call” packages to display the packages offered by each subscriber by dialing them.

These packages have no restrictions on usage and if the volume of the package ends, a new package can be purchased and used according to the consumption pattern in the same month.

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