The first court of degrees with the presence of a lawyer robot based on artificial intelligence will be held in February

Before you ask, we must say that the DoNotPay chatbot has not passed the bar exam and therefore is not authorized to do so. However, many people defend themselves in court or hire another defense attorney to do so. On the other hand, convincing a trial judge to use AI is not that difficult because most judges are likely to be very interested in seeing a robot argue, especially when presented in real-time.

A few years ago, a machine learning algorithm managed to outperform 20 human lawyers when analyzing the risks of a non-disclosure agreement. Artificial intelligence got the highest score in this test with 94% accuracy.

Now, another question may have arisen in your mind, is the lawyer job in danger of being replaced by robots? Probably not, and at least when it comes to judgement, it doesn’t seem like AI capabilities can be faulted for now.

to report TechSpotIn February, for the first time ever, an artificial intelligence will represent a legal case. Of course, this news is not very exciting because it is only intended to increase the speed of the case review, and maybe that is why the court has agreed to such an unprecedented request to use a lawyer robot based on artificial intelligence.

Of course, the humanoid robot will not be present in court to walk the hall and address the judge and jury. Artificial intelligence has come a long way since 2018. In this court, an iPhone equipped with an artificial intelligence application will be in the defendant’s pocket, which will give suitable answers to the arguments presented during the session.

Artificial intelligence used for advocacy is not like the NDA analyzer bot. Consumer advocacy organization DoNotPay developed this algorithm to help users avoid fines, fees and subscriptions. This technology can also help get refunds from businesses that want to show you that you have no choice but to pay for their mistakes.

DoNotPay program is the world’s first lawyer robot. Fight corporations, defeat bureaucracy and sue anyone with the push of a button.

The location of the court or the name of the defendant has not been disclosed to ensure a controlled environment for testing the lawyer robot. The defendant is instructed to state only what the robot tells him. If the judge issues a judgment against the defendant, DoNotPay will agree to pay the fines and costs associated with the case.

The DoNotPay lawyer bot started its activity in 2015 as a chatbot and was similar to the types of bots we see in the technical support section of websites. These chatbots are dumb as a rock and cannot give convincing answers to simple questions. In 2020, the platform will use more sophisticated artificial intelligence that it hopes will perform well enough to successfully argue a real legal case in real time.

Josh Browder The founder and CEO of DoNotPay says he plans to use the case to increase the accuracy and integrity of his AI.

brooder In an interview with NewScientist, he said:

We try to minimize our legal liability.Josh Browder

brooder It wants to upgrade its lawyer AI bot to a level where it can be replaced by a human lawyer at a much lower cost. He said in part of his explanation:

It’s all about language, and this is the ability that lawyers get paid hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour to provide. There will still be many good lawyers who might argue in the European Courts of Human Rights, but many of them will get paid a lot just to copy and paste documents into files.Josh Browder

Now we have to see what will be the result of the first case with AI representation. To find out about this issue, we have to wait until February and the court’s ruling.

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