The first companion in the information and communication technology exhibition

According to the General Department of Communications of Iran Mobile Communications Company, the first companion attended the fourth specialized exhibition of information technology, communications, security and protection in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, which started yesterday, January 11, at the Persian Gulf Conference and Exhibition Center of the Special Region Organization. Pars Energy Economy started working and continues until 13 January 1401, it provides the most up-to-date products and organizational services.

The presence of the first mobile phone operator in this event is focused on “business” in order to provide the latest organizational services such as point of sale (POC), digital signature, digital wallet, solutions in the field of energy intelligence, logistics and transportation as well as digital health to industry enthusiasts and businesses. Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, assesses the needs of the industry’s activists and seeks to intelligentize processes and provide innovative solutions in response to them with its initiatives based on new communication technologies.

Due to the fact that other products such as the access management system, managed security services and Uano application are also present in this exhibition along with the business services portfolio of this operator, therefore, all those interested in this industry and its activists are invited to attend. In this event, visit the companion booth.

It should be mentioned that this exhibition is held in order to strengthen the infrastructure of information technology and provide technical and specialized capabilities and productions in the field of security, information technology and intelligence of knowledge-based companies and domestic producers to the industries located in the Pars Energy Special Economic Zone (Aslawiyeh).

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