The famous Chinese phone maker confirmed: We are leaving the mobile market

The famous Chinese phone maker confirmed: We are leaving the mobile market

Meizu, which is famous for keeping the price of its phones low in the Chinese market, now decides to focus its efforts on developing and creating devices that are equipped with artificial intelligence; Thus, Meizu wants to end the production of smartphones.

Mizzou’s strategy change seems to have been underway for some time. Shen Xiaochairman and CEO of Mizzou Group, noted that in 2023, Mizzou could successfully transform from a mobile phone company to an environmental group.

The CEO of Meizu confirmed the changes in the smartphone market. Consumers are now taking longer to upgrade their phones (an average of 51 months), he said; Because the phones of different brands offer significant performance in areas such as smoothness, photography and features.

According to Ziv, smartphone innovation these days is increasingly like an arms race; Such as increased storage space, larger camera sensors and increased phone charging speed. Also, these brands use strategies such as mocking the rival company and exposing each other’s shortcomings to gain fame.

As a result, Meizu has decided to exit the smartphone business. This decision includes canceling the development of future models of Meizu phones such as Meizu 21, Meizu 22 and Meizu 23.

Mizzou’s chairman says the decision to exit a business is tied to Mizzou’s history. In the past, the company abandoned its successful MP3 player line despite strong sales to embrace the growing smartphone market. Similarly, the development of the MYVU smart glasses shows Meizu’s willingness to invest in future technology.

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After two years of preparation, including team building, resource allocation and product planning, Shen Xiu says, “Meizu is ready to fully embrace the field of artificial intelligence.”

Meizu’s plans include launching a new AI-ready mobile operating system in 2024 and unveiling its first AI hardware product later this year.

Mizzou assures users that despite the strategic change, support for existing Mizzou products and services, including convenient access to offline stores across China, will not be affected.

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