The Falcon 9 is now the safest rocket launched in the world

SpaceX has recently been launching high-speed Falcon 9 missiles. The company has launched its missiles at a speed of more than one mission per week with ten launches since the beginning of December. SpaceX last launched the latest set of Starlink satellites from Florida yesterday, Thursday at 21:43 Iranian time. With this mission, the Falcon 9 flew three times in less than a week.

Number of Falcon launches 9

Amid the high volume of Falcon 9 activity in recent weeks, some of the rocket’s great achievements have been overlooked. The Falcon 9 missile has now been launched a total of 139 times. Among them, the mission to launch the cargo to the International Space Station for NASA in June 2015 failed. The launch statistics do not include the pre-flight failure of the Falcon 9 and its Amos 6 satellite during the September 2016 static combustion test.

Since 2020, the Falcon 9 has become the most experienced and active missile in the United States, surpassing the Atlas 5 in total launches. Globally, Russian still-flying Soyuz and Proton missiles have more experience than the Falcon 9 fleet. Soyuz, of course, is still the king of all missiles. This Russian launcher has more than 1900 throws with approximately 12 types of boosters dating back to 1957 and has more than 100 defeats in its record.

The Falcon 9 reached a milestone in the United States in January, when it fluttered and then exceeded the number of shuttle launches. NASA’s space shuttle has been launched 135 times during its more than three decades of service, including 133 successful missions. The Falcon 9 SpaceX managed to overtake the shuttle in almost a third of this time.

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There is no way we can know that the Falcon 9 Valley will eventually launch several more missions. At its current speed, the missile can reach 500 flights before the end of this decade. However, SpaceX is also actively trying to get rid of the launcher. The success of the company’s startup project is likely to ultimately determine how long the Falcon 9 will last.

In any case, it seems that the Falcon 9 will continue to fly for a long time; Because this rocket is currently the only means of bringing American spacecraft into space. Although the Orion, NASA and Starliner deep-space spacecraft, the Boeing spacecraft will be operational in the next few years, the Falcon 9 rocket and the Crow Dragon spacecraft are likely to be the least dangerous and cheapest means of placing humans in orbit for at least a decade.

Successive Falcon 9 successes

In terms of safety, the Falcon 9 rocket really shines. Since the failure of the Amos 6 mission during the constant combustion test, SpaceX has completed a record 112 successful Falcon 9 missions in a row. In terms of successful successive launches, only two other missiles can be compared to the Falcon 9. The first is the Soyuz U Russian with 786 launches from 1973 to 2017 and the other is the American Delta 2 missile, which has just retired. The Atlas 5 rocket could also exceed 100 consecutive successful launches before retirement this decade.

According to Wikipedia, Soyuz Yu Rossi recorded 112 consecutive successful throws during his lifetime between July 1990 and May 1996. However, this interval includes the launch of the Cosmos 2243 mission in April 1993, which should be properly categorized as a failure. Aristonica quoted from Jonathan McDowellIn this mission, the missile control system failed in the last stage of Block 1 maneuver and the cargo was automatically destroyed, says the space scientist.

Considering this defeat, Soyuz U has 100 successful throws in its record from 1983 to 1986. This number is exactly the same number of successful Delta 2 launches; The missile was first designed and built by McDonnell Douglas and then launched by Boeing and the Coalition. In total, the Delta 2 rocket was launched 155 times and failed twice. Its last launch in 2018 was the 100th consecutive successful missile mission.

As a result, the Falcon 9 now surpasses the Soyuz U and Delta 2 missiles in successive launches, and the low cost of missile flight insurance seems to reflect its high safety. The amazing thing about this success is that the Falcon 9 began to accumulate its safety record when SpaceX was testing and demonstrating the missile’s reusability.

At the time of the defeat of the Amos 6 mission in 2016, SpaceX had not yet flown a first phase of the Falcon 9 again. The company has now launched some of its boosters up to 11 times and has never missed a single mission with the first stage used. With all this, it can be rightly argued that the Falcon 9 is the safest rocket launched in the world.

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