The fake model of iPhone 15 Pro shows little changes in the design of this phone compared to the previous generation

Now, new images of the fake iPhone 15 Pro model have been released, which show changes in the arrangement of the buttons of this phone compared to the series. They show iPhone 14. It also seems that the size of the volume button in the fake iPhone 15 Pro model is now bigger.

But with the removal of the physical button to mute the phone, how will this feature be available? It is possible that Apple will use this feature with an action button inspired by Replace the Apple Watch Ultra.

As GSMArena He points out that under the volume adjustment button of the fake iPhone 15 Pro model, we see the SIM card slot. One of the other changes in the next generation of Apple iPhones is the replacement of the Lightning port with a USB C port. Ming Chi Ku It claims that all models of the iPhone 15 series will come with the new USB C port, but only the Pro models will support high speeds (USB 3.2 standard or Thunderbolt 3).

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