The explosion of the smartphone killed the 8-year-old Indian girl

An 8-year-old Indian girl named Aditi Ashri He died due to the explosion of his smartphone. The incident happened last night in Tiruvilvamala, India. It is said that the mentioned device It was Redmi Note 5 Pro. According to the medical examiner, the phone was not connected to the charger at the time of the accident.

written by GizmochinaThe intensity of the Redmi Note 5 Pro explosion was so strong that it killed an 8-year-old Indian girl. The forensic team shared the initial findings about the incident with the local police and more detailed investigations are underway. According to the police, Aditi Ashri suffered a lot of damage to her face due to the explosion of her smartphone, and this incident also led to the amputation of the fingers of her right hand and a fracture of her palm.

According to the announcement Ashok KumarAditi Ashri’s father, her daughter and her grandmother were present in the house when the accident happened. The grandmother of this 8-year-old girl told the police that her grandson was playing with his phone. When Aditi Ashri’s grandmother He goes to the kitchen to prepare food, he hears a terrible sound that was related to the explosion of his grandson’s phone. However, it is said that the explosion probably occurred while watching a movie on the phone for a long time.

This Indian girl was a third grade student at Christ New Life School in Thiruvilvamala. His death has saddened and shocked the local community. Ashok Kumar has demanded a full investigation into the incident.

It is said that the local Indian police is seriously investigating the case of the Redmi Note 5 Pro explosion and is trying to find the reason for the failure and occurrence of this incident. Xiaomi has not released an official statement about this sad event.

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