The end of an era; BlackBerry ends up supporting all of its classic smartphones

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market today; But going back to two decades ago, BlackBerry phones were probably one of the coolest devices anyone could get; But the company now has no place in the smartphone market due to some management weaknesses, decisions and, of course, wrong competition with Apple.

For a long time now, the classic BlackBerry phones have not been produced with the company’s proprietary operating system, and it even seems that the policy of producing Android phones has completely failed. However, the Canadian company has so far even backed up its classic handsets in software; But apparently, this support will end soon, and it can perhaps be described as a bitter farewell to BlackBerry’s failed ambition in the field of smartphones.

BlackBerry announced yesterday that it will end support for classic smartphones running the BlackBerry 7.1 and BlackBerry 10. The company advises customers to opt out of such software and otherwise make sure they are using the latest version of the operating system to ensure that the operator or Wi-Fi connection is still active.

As a result, even basic functions such as calls, mobile data, SMS, and emergency calls may not work on BlackBerry phones. Of course, this process does not affect BlackBerry phones running Android. Support for BlackBerry OS officially expires on January 4, 2022; Therefore, older services for BlackBerry 7.1 and earlier, BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1 and other step-by-step versions will no longer be available after the specified period.

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By the way, it is interesting to know that Apple and iPhone are the main reason for BlackBerry’s exit from the smartphone market. Sure, the iPhone changed the entire smartphone industry in 2007; But almost all phone makers at the time did not believe that Apple would have such an impact on the market. When Apple introduced the first iPhone, several RIM (BlackBerry parent company) executives mocked the iPhone; Because they thought consumers would never want a smartphone with a touch screen and a virtual keyboard.

In practice, however, consumers welcomed a smartphone with a large touch screen, and as the iPhone became a major global success, the BlackBerry market value plummeted only in the years following the introduction of the first iPhone, and the company made the wrong decision. It lost most of its users.

Companies such as Samsung, on the other hand, quickly followed in Apple’s footsteps with touchscreen smartphones to stay in the market, and it was too late when BlackBerry decided to continue with its smartphones.

However, if you are still using the classic BlackBerry 2021 phone, it is best to back up all your data as soon as possible; This is because all your information may be deleted or disrupted after the end of support.

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