The efforts of the Ministry of Communications to develop the optical fiber project continue

The latest news published by the Ministry of Communications reports on the ministry’s pursuits for the development of the optical fiber project. According to the public relations report of this ministry, following the plans of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology yesterday (December 7th), in the meeting of the Minister of Communications with the Governor of Fars, the need to develop the optical fiber project for homes and businesses was emphasized, and Zarepour requested the project from Mohammad Hadi Imanieh, the Governor of Fars. Fiber optic homes should be prioritized in the plans of this province.

The Minister of Communications considered the optical fiber project as the basis for the country’s growth and announced: “The resources for the implementation of this project have been secured and we have used all the available capacities to implement this project.” He also referred to the government’s approval for the cooperation of various institutions and public institutions in this project, and called the cooperation of municipalities and governorates across the country important and necessary for the implementation of this project.

For this reason, the Minister of Communications asked the governor of Fars province to use all the capacities of the provincial institutions for this national and strategic project and added: “This project in the provinces should be treated as a national and infrastructure project and from a purely economic point of view. Avoid it.”

According to the Fars governor’s reference to the high number of nomads in this province who are facing communication problems on their way to travel, the Minister of Communications announced, “After the implementation of communication development projects in the villages, we hope to be able to include the communication of tourist and nomadic points in the program. »

Issa Zarepour also presented reports on the progress of the fiber optic project in the country in a meeting with the representatives of different cities in the country. In a meeting with Mohammad Alipour, representative of the people of Mako, Poldasht, Chaldaran, and Shut, Hossein Guderzi, representative of the people of Darud and Azna, and Sara Fallahi, representative of the people of Ilam, Mehran, Ivan, Shirvan, Cherdavel, and Malekshahi, he gave some statistics regarding the development of the optical fiber project for homes and businesses. presented. According to the minister, so far 10 companies and operators have come to implement this national plan and the work has started in 65 cities in 10 provinces and I hope that it will start all over the country by the end of Fajr this year.

He also explained to the members of parliament about the development of communications in villages and said: “There are problems in some provinces and regions due to the mountainous and impassable areas, but we are trying to ensure the communication of villages based on the planning done.” Also, in this meeting, parliamentarians pointed out the problems of communication in villages and cities and raised some points about the condition of laying fiber in some routes and the need to strengthen communication infrastructure.

Adding 720 gigs to the country’s internet capacity

Amir Lajurdi, the CEO of the infrastructure company, also announced yesterday the ability to repair marine fibers. According to the public relations report of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, an Iranian company has succeeded in repairing the optical fiber cables with electricity in the Persian Gulf, which were damaged earlier this year.

This damage had led to disruption and reduction of international communication capacity in the country, which was first located by an Iranian company with the support of the Ministry of Communications, and then the damaged part, which was four kilometers long, was repaired.

Referring to this action, Amir Lajurdi announced that as a result of this repair, practically 720 gigabytes have been added to the country’s internet capacity and further clarified: “Voltage passes through this fiber and to repair it, the damaged point must be identified first, which is 4 points. For this purpose, it was identified and the cable on the sea floor was cut and pulled up by the robot, and the electric charge was discharged through special devices to carry out the repair.

Referring to the economic efficiency of this action, the Deputy Minister of Communications said: “This technology, which was carried out in the field of cable laying and repair, will save 20 million dollars in foreign exchange for the country every year, and we can also serve the countries of the region, which will generate income for the country.” had.”

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