The display of Apple’s first mixed reality headset is supplied by LG and Sony

Apple is likely to introduce its first generation of mixed reality headsets later this year, and LG and Sony seem to be the primary suppliers of displays for the product. We expect the screens used in these headsets to be technologically advanced and provide impressive clarity. Unlike conventional OLED displays, these panels use a silicon wafer-based CMOS substrate instead of a glass substrate.

Compared to the usual OLED displays of smartphones, the screen of Apple’s mixed reality headset will provide much greater clarity; Because such a product requires this level of resolution. These panels allow more users in the space Immerse yourself in virtual reality and mixed reality.

to report Gizmochina, Sony and LG are ahead of Samsung in the development of displays for Apple’s mixed reality headsets; For this reason, they have been chosen as the main suppliers of the required panels for this product.

The use of OLEDOS displays in Apple’s future mixed reality headsets is expected to set a new standard in the market for these products and provide users with a much more immersive and realistic experience. Also, the cooperation of Apple, LG, Sony and Samsung in this field indicates an advanced technology that will help the faster development of Apple’s mixed reality headset. It is said that this product will revolutionize the way we interact with the world of technology.

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