The director of the sci-fi movie Alien used the Galaxy S23 Ultra to make a short film

Samsung has not made many changes in the design of the Galaxy S23 Ultra compared to the previous generation of this product, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but the new flagship of this company has made attractive improvements in terms of hardware specifications and capabilities, including improving the quality of video recording. Now the famous British director, Sir Ridley Scott He used this smartphone to make a short film called Behold.

As WccfTech He points out that the difference between the quality of smartphones and standard cameras for making movies with cinema quality is huge. Sir Ridley Scott who we know for making outstanding works like Alien 1979, Prometheus 2012 etc. has explained about the short film he made with Galaxy S23 Ultra. The film depicts a devastated neighborhood where a man finds peace after finding a horse.

when from Sir Ridley Scott Asked about using the Galaxy S23 Ultra to shoot an entire short film, he described doing so as an interesting challenge as he was to use a much smaller device instead of large cinema cameras. Flavio Labiano, The Behold videographer says that at first he was a little intimidated by how to use Samsung’s flagship phone, but once he got used to its settings, he was surprised by how compatible the device was. He also mentioned that the video recording capabilities and dynamic range of the mentioned phone have impressed him a lot.

Sir Ridley Scott He said that one of the main advantages of using the Galaxy S23 Ultra is that you can shoot videos in closed and small spaces. You have to be very careful when using large cameras in such spaces, but with a smartphone, you can easily film almost any small space. squat To get the best results, he installed the new Samsung flagship phone on an image stabilizer, so the equipment needed to make his short film is almost the same equipment he used when using expensive and large cinema cameras.

The duration of the short film Behold is about four minutes, and due to its high quality, we will probably see the use of high-end smartphones for video recording in the future. Of course, film cameras will still have their place, but we can expect the use of smartphones to make clips and short films to increase in the future.

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