The director of Avengers: Artificial Intelligence can make movies in the next two years

Joe Russo who has directed some big Marvel movies like “Avengers: Endgame” now gives his opinion about Artificial intelligence and its impact in the film industry. Rousseau He says that eventually in the next two years we will see films that are completely produced by artificial intelligence.

Rousseau He said: “We live in the era of artificial intelligence and it is obvious that we should use this technology to tell stories and change the story of movies. “This tool enables the production of stories that are constantly evolving.”

“You can go into your home and access AI through your content streaming platform,” the Avengers director said. Soon you will be able to make your desired movie with the characters you want with this technology and by giving simple commands.”

Rousseau He also announced that modern televisions will soon have enough processing power for instant rendering of any content. He further added: “You can adjust the story of your desired movie specifically with artificial intelligence.”

the talks Rousseau It is very important about the impact of artificial intelligence on the film industry, because he is one of the most experienced and famous directors. On the other hand, Hollywood is already investigating the use of artificial intelligence in the future of the cinema industry.

We must point out Rousseau He is no stranger to differing opinions on artificial intelligence; Because he is on the board of several artificial intelligence companies.

It seams Rousseau He considers the influence of artificial intelligence on the future of filmmaking as inevitable and says in part of his explanation: “Unfortunately, you will need artificial intelligence in your life because whether we like it or not, there are people who will develop it anyway.”

written by Futurism, Rousseau Leaving aside the ominous possibilities of AI’s capabilities, he seems very excited about its benefits in the future.

Rousseau He said: “The value of artificial intelligence is to democratize storytelling, which is incredibly valuable. So anyone can tell a story with AI tools, and that’s what excites me.”

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