The digital signature of electronic versions was unveiled

In this meeting, the head of the medical system organization, the head of the parliament’s health and treatment commission, as well as the general director of the statistics and information center of the Ministry of Health, spoke about the importance of digital signature and its role in making medical prescriptions unforgeable.

Amin Bigrakhani, Director General of the Statistics and Information Technology Center of the Ministry of Health, digital signature will help in the implementation of the Law on Family and Youth Protection. In this context, he referred to articles 53 and 54 of this law:

Today, we were talking with the Minister of Health about the date of the unveiling of the system of Article 53-54 of the Family Protection Law. Considering the challenges that exist in that field and the responsibilities that are seen in that law, if there was no such mechanism, if the prescribing panel was attacked by the Internet, a prescription called medicine might be registered, while really does not know and digital signature prevents these incidents.

Article 53 of the Law on Family and Youth Protection, which was approved last year, states that The Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education is obliged, no later than three months after the entry into force of this law, all issued instructions related to pregnancy and the health of the mother and fetus that recommend or lead doctors and health workers or mothers to abortion. Except for the cases where the mother’s life is in danger and other cases that may cause complications for the mother or the fetus, it will be revised in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution based on the indicators and provisions of the cultural engineering map of the country, as stated in the notes. data, implement and monitor it.

Also, Article 54 of this law obliges the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, within six months from the entry into force of this law, while establishing a comprehensive system for registering the information of all fertility, pregnancy, abortion clients and their reasons, and childbirth and its manner in all Health centers, medical centers, laboratories, infertility treatment centers and medical imaging centers, both governmental and non-governmental, should act in accordance with the principles of confidentiality. This law and especially these materials have been criticized by many experts.

Chairman of the Parliament’s Health Commission: The resistance of doctors regarding digital prescriptions is detrimental to the people

The digital signature is the continuation of the digital prescriptions that have been implemented recently and obliges people and doctors to register the prescriptions in the system in order to use health insurance. A story that in some cases leads to spending a lot of time for doctors and wandering patients.

In this regard, the chairman of the health and treatment commission of the parliament has pointed out the resistance of doctors in the field of using electronic prescriptions and digital signatures. Hossein Ali Shahriari said that this path may be difficult for the veterans, but it will affect the people:

We are still in the early stages and there is a lot of resistance. It may be difficult for veteran doctors to transition from the traditional work of prescribing, while it may be easier for younger doctors. Of course, these resistances end up harming the people because if you don’t want to use the electronic prescription and digital signature, the patients who trust a part of the doctors are willing to pay more to get more services.

Perhaps one of the solutions is to use new audio typing systems. Ways should be found so that all doctors use this method and the patient does not suffer losses.

In this meeting, Abdul Karim Mubasher Jannett, the director of the statistics and information technology center of this labor organization, first presented a report on the organization’s performance regarding the electronic version: “Three basic areas were defined for the medical system organization: authentication of doctors, authentication of doctors’ authenticity and authenticity and Electronic signature services of doctors. In the first part, we had problems with the members’ data, and with the help of the Civil Registration Organization’s data, we checked the members’ information again, the problematic items were followed up and corrected, and this work continues in the new registrations. In the second step, we designed 16 different online identity and authenticity inquiry services. In the next step, we made essential services available to the Ministry of Health and other beneficiaries.” According to him, although a smart card was issued to the overwhelming majority of the medical community, the digital signature was not implemented: “It was decided to go towards the use of a mobile digital signature, which will receive both the digital signature certificate on the phone and the signature service in this The phone should be provided for all related systems.

Head of Medical System Organization: Digital signature is authentic

Doctors’ electronic prescriptions are activated with a username and password, and there was a fear that anyone could register a prescription instead of the doctor and the doctor would be responsible for it. Mohammad Raiszadeh, head of the medical system organization, said about the advantage of digital signature: “The signature is no longer undeniable, it is authentic and can be cited in the courts and at your disposal.” “The security of this extraordinary method is higher than the previous method.”

According to Mubasher Jannett, two university collections of Peshgaman Etemad Iranian and Doctornext prescription system played a role in setting up digital signature. He said about data security:

Information is not stored in the organization, but all information comes in encrypted form in the prescription system and is decrypted and signed on the person’s phone with their own private key. We only have a certificate of the signed version which is encrypted and we have no access to it.

He further emphasized that the support of the parliament is needed for hardware and infrastructure support and to maintain the operation day and night.

Also, as the next speaker, Fatemeh Mohammad Beigi, a member of the Health and Medical Commission of the Parliament, considered the digital signature as a beginning for smartening, empowerment, transparency and efficiency and said: “The amount of savings in this regard will be at least 20 to 30% according to the estimates of the Court of Accounts.” Saving time, reducing the use of drugs, reducing inappropriate prescriptions and saving human resources, time and money will make a smart leap in the health system, and other processes will happen automatically. Also, this plan is based on maintaining the confidentiality of data. He emphasized on creating a platform for the presence of startups and the private sector.

Mojtaba Tawanger, the head of the Parliament’s Digital Economy Committee, also pointed to forgery and irrefutability as the strength of digital signatures: “Today’s step by the Medical System Organization was an important step to add authenticity and credibility to doctors’ prescriptions, which after learning from the operators who are active in the field of writing and filling prescriptions It is a right that should have been done and it is also suitable for the insurance industry. He also expressed hope that considerations such as service stability will be considered.

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