The difference between Twitter and Twitter; Advantages and disadvantages of Trades over Twitter

The difference between Twitter and Twitter;  Advantages and disadvantages of Trades over Twitter


Threads needs more features to compete with Twitter. One of the biggest shortcomings of Trades is the lack of a direct section. Thus, in the current version, everything will be publicly visible.

While most users see Instagram Trades as the strongest competitor and alternative to Twitter, the head of Instagram has stated that Trades is not intended to be like that. The goal is to give Instagram users who have never been on Twitter, or users of Twitter and other platforms who prefer a less aggressive environment to interact, a place to interact.

Despite all these explanations, perhaps time will tell whether Threads is just an uncreative version of Twitter or a worthy competitor. So let’s not rush to judgment just yet. Next, by comparing Trades with Twitter, we will take a closer look at the structure of the controversial meta application.

1. Account management

Threads is heavily dependent on Instagram, so you can’t log into the Threads app without having an Instagram account. This does not seem likely to change in the near future; Because in this way, Trades will also help to increase the number of Instagram users. The first time you sign in, you’ll be asked if you want to enter your Instagram profile details and follow the same users you follow on Instagram.

If you haven’t installed the program yet, read how to join it in the training article on registration in Trades.

To delete the Trades account, you must delete your Instagram account. So if you stop working on Trades and want to delete your account; You will have no choice but to delete your Instagram account along with Trades. The only way to delete Instagram without consequences is to deactivate your Twitter account. By doing this, your profile and posts will be hidden from view until you decide to reactivate. To disable Instagram Threads account, see Deactive Threads tutorial. It almost seems that Trades has held their Instagram account hostage in order not to decrease the number of its users. However, we hope that this issue, which is not a small matter, will change in the future.

In contrast, Twitter is not affiliated with another social media platform, so you can sign up independently using the information you want. Because of Twitter’s independence, you can delete your Twitter account at any time without repercussions for your other social media platforms.

Downloading and using Trades is completely free, so access to any of its features is not dependent on payment. At the moment there are no ads on Trades, which probably will change for this meta application over time, considering what Instagram has gone through.

Twitter also has advertisements; But some of its features are reserved for Twitter Blue subscribers. At the time of writing, Twitter Blue costs $8 per month or $84 per year.

The features available to Twitter Blue subscribers are constantly changing. For example, subscribers can now edit tweets after they are sent, customize the appearance of the Twitter app icon, and read more tweets per day.


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