The deployment of technical teams of some startups in neighboring countries “to access the Internet”

Mohammad Reza Qalanavi, Head of Information Technology Services Department of Tehran Computer Trade Union Organization, in a conversation with “SelectionHe said about class internet and the problems of startups.

According to him, tiered internet was invented years ago: “At a time when internet providers received bandwidth from two upstream providers and switched their subscribers’ traffic between those two providers based on the type of customers and the importance of their service. Of course, at that time, policies to control and manage Internet attacks were also a proof of the discrimination of traffic management of clients. But the issue that is recently referred to as class internet was initially proposed with the publication of the regulations for the protection of freelancers.

According to Qalanoi, the approval of this regulation dates back to September, and if it was announced at the same time, perhaps such a perception would not have arisen, but: “Due to the recent Internet restrictions, some activists suspected that the Internet would become class-based. The minimum requirement of a freelancer is access to high-speed and high-quality Internet that can easily and in different locations provide appropriate services to their customers. But when we came across internet restrictions, the interpretations of this clause became different and we went to the point that the government wants to classify the internet if this was not the criterion.”

The head of the information technology services department emphasized that the main goal of this article was to benefit freelancers from proper internet services, but this goal has lost its place with a newer issue. He also pointed to the announcement of the Union of Computer Technologists and said that on this basis, this issue entered a new phase by providing unfiltered internet to its members: “Of course, the internet is not classed, but rather it is interpreted as a classy VPN.”

According to him, it is not yet known whether the issue of class internet has been formed or not and what its nature is and whether the filtering structure is changing or not. He emphasized that these matters should be clarified: “In any case, our position is clear and has not changed, and it is nothing but free access to the Internet and the development of related infrastructure, for all sections of society.”

In another part of this conversation, Qalanoi discussed the migration of startups that have established their teams in neighboring countries such as Turkey and the UAE. Countries that are significantly different from Iran in both the level of Internet access and the tools needed by businesses: “A number of businesses have even stationed their technical teams in hotels in neighboring countries, just because of free Internet access and the tools they need. ยป

This means that the cost of staying for technical and development teams with free and unrestricted access is more affordable than the total internal costs: “In this regard, the time lost during the day to test different filter breakers to provide access to tools and systems can be used.” The requirement of technical and development teams in different collections also creates a lot of psychological burden. “With a simple calculation, we can conclude how much saving these times can be fruitful for businesses and lead to acceptable results in their business.”

According to him, in the year that was supposed to support entrepreneurs and knowledge-based companies, the restriction of the Internet led to a change in the definition of support, immigration and the failure of start-up projects.

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