The delay in the release of the 24-inch iMac until the end of 2023

Apple first launched the 24-inch iMac in May 2021, but no new version of this desktop computer has been introduced since then. After almost two years, it seems that this wait can be even longer and apparently Apple has timed the release of its new version at the same time as the release of the M3 chip.

On Sunday, Mark Gorman explained to Bloomberg in his “Power On” newsletter that Apple is likely to forgo using M2 chips in the new iMacs, so it is expected that these iMacs will come with M3 chips.

According to Gorman, the release of new iMacs will probably be in late 2023 or early 2024.

According to the news published in Apple Insiderthe Cupertinos are gearing up to launch the MacBook Air based on the M3 chip in the second half of 2023, marking part of the fastest upgrade cycle for their proprietary chips.

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