The date of the Microsoft Build 2023 conference has been revealed

According to a whistleblower claim on Twitter, Microsoft plans to hold its annual Build conference from May 23 to 25 (June 2 to 4, 1402). Earlier, other rumors also mentioned this date. Microsoft usually holds Build conferences from May 24 to 26 (June 3 to 5).

According to Windows Central, Microsoft plans to broadcast the build conference first online to the whole world; Then we will witness an in-person conference in Seattle. One day before the ceremony, face-to-face workshops will be held in Seattle.

Microsoft held an in-person Build conference last year with a limited number of attendees. At the moment, it is not clear whether this year’s ceremony will be limited or not.

The annual build conference is held with the focus of Windows, Azure and Microsoft 365 service developers.

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