The daily cost of ChatGPT reaches 700 thousand dollars!

Dylan Patelsenior analyst at SemiAnalysis Institute, in an exclusive report on service costs JPT chat has been unveiled. He claims that maintaining ChatGPT costs approximately $700,000 a day OpenAI puts On average, the cost of each question you ask the chatbot in question is 36 cents.

According to Digital TrendsThe heavy costs of ChatGPT have made Microsoft think of making a processor Dedicated artificial intelligence to enable ChatGPT processing at a lower cost.

Many popular social networks took several years to reach 100 million users, but ChatGPT achieved this historic record in about two months. Since then, ChatGPT traffic has become very heavy, and users sometimes encounter capacity-full errors.

In order to earn money and provide a more stable service, OpenAI announced that it will make the Plus version of ChatGPT available to users at a monthly price of $20. It is not known how many ChatGPT users have subscribed to the Plus service.

OpenAI to process ChatGPT and other services from It uses Nvidia graphics chips. Analysts estimate that OpenAI will reach 30,000 this year alone to maintain its services It will require a new graphics chip.

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