The creator of ChatGPT poured clean water on the hands of users: artificial intelligence will destroy many jobs

Sam AltmanCEO OpenAI says in a new interview Artificial intelligence and the way this technology affects the workforce and elections and spreading lies is a little scary. OpenAI is the same company that created the popular chatbot developed ChatGPT. This chatbot writes human-like responses and has experienced explosive growth in recent months.

Altman said in his new interview that he thinks people are having fun with ChatGPT; But artificial intelligence may have disadvantages along with all its advantages. The CEO of OpenAI says that artificial intelligence technology reflects the collective power and creativity and human will; But the development of systems based on this technology by “authoritarian regimes” worries him.

Sam Altman’s concern is related to the development of artificial intelligence technology by rival countries such as China and Russia. Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant, recently introduced a dedicated chatbot that can create text, photos, videos, and audio. This chatbot is a competitor to ChatGPT.

Vladimir PutinThe President of Russia said years before the start of the war in Ukraine that any country that can become a leader in the field of artificial intelligence will rule the world. In his new interview, Sam Altman found Putin’s comments discouraging.

Google and Microsoft, two big tech giants, have invested heavily in artificial intelligence. Microsoft decided to go for extensive cooperation with OpenAI and invest billions of dollars in this company to be more active in this industry. Thanks to this investment, artificial intelligence company OpenAI to the search engine Bing and office software were added. On the other hand, Google is also developing a dedicated chatbot named “Bard”.

AI tools have not yet been widely tested during presidential elections in major countries. Sam Altman says he and his team have been paying particular attention to the 2024 US election when developing AI tools: “I’m particularly concerned that these AI models will be used to spread disinformation on a large scale.” Altman says that now that chatbots have the ability to write code, they could theoretically be used for cyber attacks.

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