The chief manager of Meta: artificial intelligence will surrender to human desires!

Jan Lecan Outstanding scientist AI Meta recently announced on Twitter that humanity’s never-ending struggle for dominance or submission is now even more vital. Lacan who teaches at New York University, said in another tweet: “Most people are capable of leading people smarter than themselves. “Political, business and military leaders usually have staff and advisers who are often individually or collectively smarter than them.”

Lacan He added: “In terms of evolution, humans are known as a social species with a hierarchical structure that seeks dominance or submission. “AI assistants simply give in and don’t try to dominate.”

In fact, Lecan is against people who say that artificial intelligence will one day pose a threat to humans; Because he believes that artificial intelligence has no instinct to dominate affairs; While the human species throughout history has kept nature, technology and even its fellow species in possession, and artificial intelligence will not be an exception to this rule!

Lacan In another part of his explanations, he said: “The fact that there are hierarchical structures in human societies does not mean that some kind of predetermined natural hierarchy rules the world.”

Currently, it is not possible to give a correct answer to the statements Lacan Dad, but considering that he is one of the prominent figures of artificial intelligence, it is worth paying attention to his words and opinions.

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