The ChatGPT mod in Skyrim allows game characters to create new conversations

A creative developer of attractive features ChatGPT was used to give non-player characters (NPCs) in the virtual reality version of Skyrim the ability to create new dialogues and have a more realistic conversation with them.

While the ChatGPT mod for Skyrim looks interesting, the sounds mixed with this game offer a brief glimpse into the exciting future of the gaming industry, where we can see more extensive conversations with PC-controlled characters and thus we will be more immersed in the virtual world.

ChatGPT mod creator for Skyrim called Art From The Machine, using the big language model OpenAI greatly expanded Skyrim’s limited dialogue options with non-playable characters.

to report FuturismUsing a text-to-speech modifier called xVASynth and the OpenAI Whisper speech-to-text model, Art From The Machine made it possible to talk to in-game characters. The developer also shared a video of his mod to explain how it works.

For example, one of the characters in the Skyrim game thanks to the ChatGPT mod tells the gamer: “It seems to be a well-crafted iron sword with a soul gem embedded in its hilt.” “The magic on this jewel allows the wielder of the sword to capture the souls of enemies.”

The NPC in Skyrim can also tell when a certain shop in the fictional town of Whiterun is open and closed.

NPCs can even remember past events and conversations the gamer has previously had with them. Posting on Reddit, Art From The Machine said: “I set up the main memory system and used ChatGPT to summarize the conversation when the audio was output to compress subsequent messages. There are much more sophisticated tools for memory management, including Langchain, and I hope to implement it in the future.”

It should be noted that Art From The Machine has decided to complete the ChatGPT mod for Skyrim before its public release.

ChatGPT mod is a very exciting show that can capacity Imagine artificial intelligence in the future of video games. As technology advances, developers are expected to start using AI chatbots in their games soon.

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