The CEO of Divar was summoned to face imprisonment

He wrote about this on his Twitter page: “Apparently, this case has become the sword of Damocles. For three years, sometimes they are loose and sometimes they are tight. While after the whole attrition run, one branch gave me time to reconsider for 4th of Bahman, another branch summoned me for detention. I’m leaving hoping to finish.”

In December of last year, the news of Armandehi’s definite imprisonment was published. Divar’s public relations said in a statement that despite numerous legal and legal pursuits, the prison sentence for him was confirmed in the appeals court.

Since then, protests have been raised about this ruling, and the Computer Trade Union Organization of Tehran announced in a statement that the implementation of this ruling will distort the relationship between entrepreneurs and the judiciary.

In the end, the head of the judiciary ordered to re-examine the decision of the CEO of the Wall to prevent the space from becoming unsafe for internet businesses, and the then director of public relations of the Ministry of Communications announced in a tweet that the Minister of Communications is following this issue and requested to re-examine it.

With Armandehi’s summons, it seems that there is no re-examination and the possibility of executing his three-month and one-day prison sentence has increased.

The title of accusation against the CEO of Devar was “providing the causes of corruption and prostitution by attracting prostitutes”. In a statement last year, Dewar explained that the ads in question had no illegal content and that the conviction was based solely on actions taken by third parties outside of the platform.

It has also emphasized that the wall does not have the possibility to investigate the motivation, malicious intent and possible history of its millions of users, and a legal distinction should be made between the responsibility of the platform and the advertiser user.

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