The capabilities of the iPhone 15’s USB-C port will likely be limited

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the rumored use of the USB-C port in Apple’s upcoming iPhones. This decision will be made in order to comply with the EU laws. Now, according to a post on Weibo, Apple is working on a Lightning-compatible integrated circuit board that will be used alongside USB-C.

to report NeovinApple’s new board can enable or disable the functionality of any USB-C compatible cable or device when connected to Cattle’s iPhone and in different scenarios. This rumor has not yet been officially confirmed, but if true, it could bring compatibility with Lightning port-based accessories.

The Lightning port was first introduced in 2012 with the iPhone 5, and considering that the iPhone 15 will be released later this year, it would be a significant change if USB-C were to be offered on all iPhone models. USB-C cables on the iPhone will likely only support slow charging and some peripherals, including compatibility with external monitors. Of course, it is possible that the display support is limited to iPhone 15 Pro models only.

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