The canceled iPhone SE 4 was supposed to come with Apple’s own 5G modem

Multiple reports last year claimed that Apple was working on a fourth-generation iPhone SE, however a new report says that such a product will never be produced. The iPhone SE 4 was supposed to have the same design as the iPhone XR and use updated hardware and a 5G modem. The complete cancellation of the new generation iPhone SE is in favor of Qualcomm.

Ming Chi KuA well-known whistleblower says that Apple is planning to use a dedicated 5G modem for the first time in the new iPhone SE. Apple was worried that its own modem would not perform at the same level as Qualcomm’s modem, so this modem was supposed to be used first in the mid-range iPhone SE device and then make its way to high-end iPhones.

The cancellation of the iPhone SE 4 release has made Qualcomm still have a very high chance for the exclusive supply of modems for Apple phones. Probably, this company will also supply the 5G modem for iPhone 16 series phones that will be released in 2024.

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According to 9to5MacIn recent years, Apple and Qualcomm have had a tense relationship over modem technology patents. As a result of the challenges, Apple eventually acquired Intel’s modem business, but continued to buy Qualcomm modems. Apple continues to develop its own modem, but we probably won’t see any iPhones with this company’s modem until 2025.

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