The Canadian government’s investigation into Google’s advertising business deepens

The Canadian government’s investigation into Google’s advertising business deepens

Canadian Competition Authority Permission for more extensive research About Unit Received Google Ads. The regulator’s investigation began in 2020 and initially focused on whether Google was using its ad market share to gain power in the market for advertiser buying tools.

The Canadian Competition Authority says the investigation will be conducted to examine Google’s power in the business of serving ads to users. This department is investigating the possibilities of Google using irrational pricing in the advertising market. Google is accused of eliminating other options for advertisers and preventing innovation in displaying online ads.

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The court order obliges the people of Mountain View to provide evidence and documents for the investigation. Canada’s antitrust laws are not among the strictest laws in the world; But the extensive investigation adds to Google’s growing legal and regulatory problems; Because this company is facing investigations and court cases in wide dimensions of its services, including the application store and now artificial intelligence.

Google owns four major online advertising services, including AdX and Display & Video 360, which are used in Canada. A Google spokesperson said in an email that Canadian businesses choose Google services because of its strong market impact, and that the company will continue to cooperate with the Competition Authority.

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