The Brazilian government has banned the sale of iPhones without chargers

The Brazilian government has ordered Apple to stop selling iPhones without chargers in the country. Brazil says that not including the charging adapter in the box causes Apple to make an “imperfect” product available to consumers.

According to ReutersBrazil’s Ministry of Justice has fined Apple $2.38 million and ordered it to stop selling the iPhone 12 and newer models of the iPhone series. This ministry has said that all other iPhones that come in a box without a charger are not allowed to be sold in the Brazilian market. Brazil’s Ministry of Justice has argued that the iPhone box does not include an essential accessory, and that this is a “deliberate and discriminatory act against consumers.”

In a conversation with the Brazilian authorities, Apple announced that the removal of the charging adapter from the iPhone box was done with the aim of reducing carbon emissions; However, the authorities of this country do not accept Apple’s claim. Brazil says there is no evidence that selling iPhones without chargers helps the environment.

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The new ruling of the Ministry of Justice of Brazil is confirmed while we are only one day away from the unveiling of the new iPhone generation. Apple will definitely release new generation iPhones without chargers. The company did not respond to Reuters’ request for clarification.

This is not the first time that Brazil takes a stand against the policy of removing the charger from the iPhone box. This country was one of the first countries that took legal action against Apple and even Samsung and imposed a heavy fine.

What is your opinion of Zomit users about stopping iPhone sales in Brazil?

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