The board of directors of the Union of Virtual Businesses was dismissed

Pahid reported that the Supreme Supervisory Board dismissed the members of the Board of Directors of the National Union of Virtual Businesses and appointed a new Board of Directors until the election of a new Board of Directors. Arman Safai is also the chairman of the new board of directors of the union.

The elections of the Union of Virtual Businesses have been postponed many times and the members of the ecosystem said about its unfavorable conditions and sought to hold the elections as soon as possible. Two weeks ago, the Supreme Supervisory Board agreed to the separation of the union and caused the election of this union to be delayed again. An election that was delayed since 1400. Now another thing has happened in the union, in which the Supreme Supervisory Board and the Chamber of Guilds play a role. What happened was expected after the separation of the union.

The Supreme Supervisory Board stated in Resolution 127 that the members who have been accused and defended themselves will be dismissed, which was signed by 9 members present in the meeting. In the minutes of this meeting, it is stated that after the separation of the union, a number of qualified members of the union will be appointed to manage the union until the elections are held.

In August of this year, after the resignation of Hamid Mohammadi, Farshad Vakilzadeh became the head of the union, and some time later, Milad Manshipour and Hamidreza Mehredan Mehr also resigned from the board of directors. Since then, the internal differences of the union became more visible and a letter was written in which the members of the union wanted to hold elections as soon as possible. But the separation of the union into two parts, “distribution” and “service”, did not leave an opportunity for elections, so that the elections will be held in two parts from now on.

Arman Safai, who has been appointed as the chairman, is the co-founder of Tribune, an ad reporting platform that has been in operation for three years.

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