The bitter fate of Galaxy S22 FE; Say hello to death!

Just as late summer is synonymous with Apple’s traditional events to introduce new iPhone models, winter is also reminiscent of the introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy phones; Flagships whose 14th generation was unveiled at the latest Unpacked event. While the Galaxy S23 series is born, it seems that the giant of the mobile industry is planning to kill another series of its smartphones; A bitter incident that will undoubtedly remind of “Galaxy Note”.

Along with the introduction of the Galaxy S23 family, Samsung announced that it will sell the standard model of last year’s flagship with a price reduction of $100 to $699. In fact, this is the same price tag as the Galaxy FE series, and it practically shows that Samsung is not interested in releasing the next generation of this smartphone, at least in the short term.

Previously, rumors indicated that the Galaxy S22 FE would not be produced due to the forecast of low sales, and Samsung’s new strategy can also be considered as a confirmation of this issue; Because in fact, the Galaxy S22 FE was supposed to be a cheaper version to replace the base model of the Galaxy S22, and now the $699 price of the said phone leaves no reason to introduce the next generation Galaxy FA.

On the other hand, if Samsung wants to price the fan-edition version below $699, it will enter the price range of the Galaxy A series and this issue could affect the sales of this series.

It seems that the Galaxy FA series, like the Galaxy Note family, has reached the end of the road, and Samsung may never unveil and release a new generation of it. However, we will have to wait and see what Samsung will decide on the future of this phone.

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