The best Telegram bot download from YouTube (introduction and usage training)

In the last decade, YouTube has become one of the great resources for uploading videos on various topics; So that every hour more than 500 hours of video are uploaded on it and it has more than 30 billion monthly views. This platform hosts millions of different videos on various topics, including education, entertainment, engineering, science, etc., which are often subtitled and can meet the needs of any audience.

However, regular users don’t just have to see forced ads; Rather, they cannot download videos from YouTube, and for this they have to purchase a premium subscription, which is almost impossible for Iranian users. Previously, we provided you with a tutorial on how to remove YouTube ads; But is it possible to download movies? Fortunately, Telegram is a solution-making platform in this field, and by using Telegram bots to download from YouTube, you can easily download and save the desired videos on your phone or computer.

As Zomit users know, some time ago we introduced you to the tutorial on how to download from YouTube with your phone. However, in this article, we are going to focus on the best Telegram bots to download from YouTube and how to use them. Stay with us.

1. Download from YouTube with Telegram bot Youtube Downloader Bot

Youtube Downloader Bot is one of the best telegram bots to download from YouTube, which by entering the video link, will send it to you in a short time. However, this is not the whole art of Youtube Downloader Bot; Because this robot, in addition to sending the video file, can send you its download link with subtitles. Also, it is possible to choose different quality and resolutions for the desired movie and it can be cut in the desired time frame. In addition, the said robot has the ability to extract the audio file from the movie, which is very suitable for separating the songs from the video file.

To use this robot, ID youtubednbot@ enter in the Search field of Telegram with a magnifying glass icon and open the displayed result. Also, you can click on This link Enter the bot page.

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