The best sites for querying the topic of master’s and doctoral dissertations

After entering the necessary information, click on the registration and payment option and register your request by paying the fee. Currently, this cost is 18 thousand tomans.

Your request will be checked in Irandoc and within 72 working hours the answer and the research background certificate will be sent to your email. Also, this certificate will be available in your folder in the system.

If students want to know about their research background for free, they can go to Ganj database refer that access to bibliographic information and the first 15 to 20 pages of theses and treatises is free; However, in order to check the research background by Irandak experts and receive an answer in an official letter, they must use the research background system by paying a fee.

Querying the topic of a doctoral thesis is no different from a master’s thesis, and all postgraduate students who have to write a thesis or thesis can proceed in the way described and submit the Irandoc site certificate to their university.

Also, in order to be able to work with the research background system more easily, use a computer, you may have problems entering the system with a mobile phone.

The best thesis topic inquiry sites

Although Civilica base It also provides the possibility to query the thesis, but the result of the Civilica query is not approved by the educational centers, and the research background certificate must be issued by Irandak.

But if you just want to know the background of your research and you don’t need an official certificate, you can do this inquiry for free on the Civilica website. Of course, note that the query in Civilica does not have the accuracy of Irandoc because theses are not indexed directly in this database. The query of this site is based on the search for the title of the thesis among the articles produced in the country, and the query of the title of the thesis without taking into account keywords and explanations is done only in the title of the articles indexed in the Civilica database.

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