The best photo background changer app for iPhone

At some point, you’ve taken photos with your phone where almost every element of it looks great, and there’s no blur or bad lighting. Such images are worth sending to social networks such as Instagram; But sometimes there is an unpleasant subject in the background of your pictures. For example, there may be a passerby or a tree in the background of your photo, which gives it a bad effect.

Almost all of us have sometimes come across beautiful photos that have a background problem; Therefore, we tend to have a tool available to fix this problem. Maybe until a few years ago, removing unwanted subjects from the background of images was difficult or even impossible, especially for normal users; But today, powerful applications are available that can be used to easily remove background elements or completely change the background of a photo.

Thanks to modern technology and improved smartphone capabilities, editing photo backgrounds has never been easier. You can remove the subjects you want from the background of the photos or completely change the background to another scene with tools designed for this purpose.

1. Background Eraser

Background eraser program

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a photo’s background is to remove it entirely. Background Eraser is designed to do exactly that, allowing you to easily remove the background from a photo and save a background-free version in PNG or JPEG format.

After removing the photo background, you can use it in other apps like Snapchat or make a collage. Additionally, you can import it into one of the other apps listed in this article and add a background to it. Background Eraser also offers tools for advanced removal of unwanted subjects from the background of photos, and best of all, it’s completely free on the App Store.

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2. Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop


Maybe you are satisfied with your appearance in the photo; But you would have liked to have taken such a picture on the exotic beach instead of the current background. Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop app is made to meet this need and using it you can change the background of your photo with your desired image with just a few simple movements of your finger.

Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop is designed for easy cutting of images and offers more than 40 ready-made fun backgrounds. You can also crop and remove objects and people from the background of your images. This app is a great tool for group photos where one person has their eyes closed, which gives the photo an inappropriate effect.

Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop is released for free; But some of its advanced features require the purchase of a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription. However, by downloading this program, you can use all the paid features for free in a three-day period.

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3. Blur Photo Background

Blur Photo Background app

Maybe some of your photos don’t really have a bad background; But you can improve its background in these cases as well. Many people, by viewing the images whose background is blurred, consider that photo more visible and beautiful, and the Blur Photo Background app has made it very easy for iPhone users to do this.

Blur Photo Background app offers sophisticated yet simple tools to blur background or unwanted object or even stranger’s face in pictures. You can use various features of this program such as Gaussian Blur and Motion Blur and effects such as glass, pixel and mosaic. Blur Photo Background is released for free; But some in-app items and more advanced tools require payment.

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4. Object Removal Lite

Object Removal program

Sometimes, the only way to save a photo is to separate the main subject from the background. Object Removal Lite is considered one of the best photo retouching programs, and its performance in removing extra background objects is excellent.

Using artificial intelligence and image processing technologies, Object Removal Lite removes people, buildings, telephone lines, and even defects that you manually select in each photo with remarkable quality. This program also provides other features such as filter and editing functions and retouching tools.

Downloading Object Removal Lite from the App Store is completely free; But like most similar apps, you need to buy a premium subscription to access its special features and remove in-app ads. Of course, the free tools of this application solve the needs of most users in removing or editing the background of photos.

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5. Blur Photo Editor Background

Blur Photo Editor Background app

If you want to be a little more creative while blurring your photos, Blur Photo Editor Background will be one of the best options for you. This program offers interesting tools that can be used to quickly and easily erase the background of images. This application provides users with 10 different blur effects to blur the background of photos.

In addition, Blur Photo Editor Background has features for editing photos with impressive clarity, using which you can zoom in on the smallest details that might be lost by blurring the background. This program has been published for free in the App Store; But if you wish, you can use its additional functions and tools by purchasing a professional subscription.

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6. Focos

Focos app

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While the quality of today’s iPhone cameras offers much better quality and features compared to the models of the past few years, they still cannot be considered at the level of DSLR cameras. However, programs like Focos provide you with facilities to record more professional photos with iPhone; Images that are often created with a background blur effect and high-quality focus on the main subject.

With a rating of nearly 5 out of 5 and thousands of positive reviews on the App Store, Focos is one of the best iPhone apps for working with background images. This application provides the possibility to focus on the subjects even after recording the photo, and by using it, parts such as the field of view can be adjusted. Other features of this tool include the possibility of removing unwanted backgrounds and erasing them. The Focos app is free; But some features and its internal training section require the purchase of a subscription.

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7. LightX Photo Editor & Retouch

Lightx app

Do you need to completely remove the background of the images? LightX Photo Editor & Retouch allows you to do this. This program provides you with integrated features and tools such as cropping and blurring and even easily changing the background of images.

After cropping the desired subject with LightX Photo Editor & Retouch, you can place it on a new background. In addition, use the professional features of this program, including color effects, stickers, frames, fancy shapes and filters to make your pictures look more beautiful. LightX Photo Editor & Retouch is available for free; But if you need, you can buy some additional in-app items.

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If you know other programs to change the background of the photo on the iPhone, share its name with your experience with Zoomit and other users.

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