The best Iranian and foreign programming training channels on YouTube

The best Iranian and foreign programming training channels on YouTube

Already in the article “How to learn programming for free?” We explained that learning this science can be difficult; But thanks to some YouTube channels, learning to code has become a lot easier.

While there are many programming courses available online, various YouTubers also share their experience and knowledge with other users. This is a great option for people who don’t want to spend money on face-to-face courses.

Since the channels introduced in the continuation of the article to the training Different fields of programming are related, that you go for a channel that exactly matches your educational needs, exempts you from the heavy costs of face-to-face classes and ultimately makes you progress faster in the desired field.

The best foreign programming education channels

If we want to consider YouTube channels active in the field of programming education, we may come across thousands of channels, more than half of which are produced in India. Not long ago, there was a popular joke among YouTube users that if you plan to learn programming through YouTube, you will definitely learn Hindi in addition to the target language.

All joking aside, we tried to introduce some of the best YouTube channels in this article, each video of which has more than several million views, so that you don’t waste your time on YouTube. Also, if you have trouble understanding English, try to solve this problem by turning on YouTube subtitles.

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