The best internet for gaming in Iran; Comparison of internet game providers

There are all kinds of Internet services in the world, which include fiber optic ADSL and satellite internet. Each has its own mechanism to connect the user to the Internet; Therefore, they will have advantages and disadvantages.

To be honest, fiber optic internet is faster than all types of internet; But it is hard to find and it is difficult to provide access to it and it needs infrastructure.

ADSL Internet: ADSL internet is the cheapest type of home internet, which currently has the most coverage compared to other home internet services in the country.

This type of internet does not provide very good speed and ping. ADSL services are available through landlines. Setting up an ADSL modem is not particularly complicated and you can do the setup process yourself by preparing the desired plan with a low budget.

Among the companies that provide ADSL Internet, we can mention Telecommunication, Shuttle, Hiweb, Asiatec, each of which has its own characteristics and shortcomings.

Be sure to pay attention to the distance from the ISP centers when choosing the best ADSL internet for gaming, because the connection is established through a telephone line with a copper wire, and its longer length will decrease the quality of the internet.

In general, ADSL internet speeds will range from 512 kbps to 16 Mbps depending on the plan you purchase. This speed will depend on the quality of your line and the budget you have in mind.

In addition, there may be other companies offering ADSL internet services in your city that are not mentioned in this article, so do your research to get the best internet plan.

VDSL Internet: Internet, which is considered to be an improved version of ADSL, with the difference that the VDSL connection is more stable and its connection and disconnection will be less (of course, on the Internet without interruption).

VDSL internet providers such as Telecom, Shuttle and Asiatec provide plans with speeds between 8 and 50 Mbps, which can be suitable for online gaming. However, these companies do not cover all cities and regions, so be sure to do your research.

VDSL internet ping is pretty average in most areas; But the stability of its connection makes it a good option. Of course, the biggest problem with this type of service, as mentioned, is its low coverage in the country.

TD-LTE Internet: You must have used 4G internet on your phone. TD-LTE internet is like 4G internet; But with the difference that it requires a special modem that is more expensive than other modems; But, they offer cheaper packages compared to 4G mobile internet plans.

The speed and ping of this type of internet is directly related to the antenna of the 4G network in the used area, and even though its connection is wireless and done through a SIM card, it gives you better speed and less ping than ADSL internet.

Of course, this presupposes uninterrupted internet; Therefore, the presence of widespread disorder in different types of networks makes comparisons somewhat difficult.

Internet radio: Radio Internet is also called wireless and wireless, which can reach speeds of 20 to 100 Mbps (shared) and 50 to 1000 Mbps (dedicated). Setting up such a service requires a lot of budget, and equipment such as wireless antenna, cable and access point must be installed from the masts in the city at the place of receiving the service.

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