The best artificial intelligence for content creation (free and paid)

Scalenut has a variety of templates that make writing easier and generate new ideas for your content. In addition, if you want to clean up a text, AI tools will help you understand which parts you need to improve, what to add more to the text, and how to create more meaningful content. By understanding the impact of SEO on content creation, Scalenut provides detailed content reporting for your target keyword.

One of the unique features of this platform is its SEO hub feature, which provides complete feedback on the appearance of your content. With the help of this feature, you can find the word count of your content, the NLP terms you used or missed, the readability score, and more.

Finally, with its simple and clean user interface, you can start by choosing a template and proceed according to the instructions. Options are easily navigable and clearly displayed on the dashboard.

You can download the Scalenut Chrome extension to write whenever you want and easily paste it into Google Docs. This tool also integrates well with other marketing platforms such as WordPress, Copyscale and Semrush.

This tool is not free, but you can use its 7-day trial period.

When you’re creating a marketing campaign, ideation and content creation can take days or weeks; But thanks Copysmith You can reduce the hassle of creating marketing content.

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