The best apps for managing phone time

The best apps for managing phone time


The most thing that motivates a user to download an app is the idea and creativity hidden in it. 1Question is one of those programs that, with a fun trick, fulfills its main purpose of managing the use of different programs on the phone.

The design of this program, which is mostly for children, allows them to reduce the restrictions placed on their favorite programs after answering various educational questions. Of course, due to not supporting the Persian language, this program may not be very suitable for Iranian users, but due to the good idea behind it, it can be passed on to children by you and be an effective step in learning English for them.

By installing this program, you can customize different challenges according to your child’s age and control their learning speed.

We hope you will use the introduced tricks and programs well and spend less time staring at your phone screen and more time with your family and friends.


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