The best applications for recording menstruation

Ovia is a free app that helps women identify their menstrual cycles and their most fertile days.

Fans of this app love it for predicting your fertility window and plotting fertility signs. When you enter your fertility data into Ovia, you can see at a glance how likely you are to get pregnant with the fertility window predictions and daily fertility score it generates.

If you don’t intend to get pregnant and you just want to estimate your period, you should choose the tracking my period option.

You can also track tons of other metrics like exercise, sleep, mood, and meals. You can get support from the Ovia app and community for your questions about PMS and your cycles.

In addition to all these important free features, Ovia also shines in data synchronization. By installing it, you will not only get a summary of your cycles every month, but you can also export your data and share it with your partner.

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