The beginning of selling Rial and dollar tickets for “Yalda Summit 1400” at the moment

According to the public relations of Saturday Weekly, the 6th Yalda of Iranian Entrepreneurship will try for three consecutive days to examine various aspects of the Iranian startup ecosystem in the past year and also to show the future path of Iran’s innovation.

The title of the first day, Innovation Economics, is the financing of startups, and on this day, experts and activists examine issues such as financing, why startups fail to attract capital, successful integration, successful and unsuccessful experiences of digital marketing campaigns, how to manage Bootstrap business and … pay.

On the second day of Yalda, entitled E-Commerce and Innovation, activists in this field will be present in Yalda with topics such as reviewing the growth statistics of online sales companies, online sales on the basis of social networks and fifth generation marketing.

On the third and final day, called Future and Innovation, experts introduced areas such as the future of insurance, the future of games, the future of health, the future of NFT, the future of society and the elderly, energy, artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain and SAS in companies. Technology, etc., so that those interested can become more familiar with the current and future trends.

The sixth Yalda of Iranian Entrepreneurship will be held completely online from the 1st to the 3rd of January, 1400. Ecosystem enthusiasts and families inside and outside the country can purchase Yalda Summit tickets in Rials / Dollars via the instantaneous platform:

As the first platform for broadcasting and holding online events in Iran, Moment will unveil its hybrid platform for holding virtual-face-to-face events from Yalda night.

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