The base model of the Galaxy S23 series will likely have more storage than the Galaxy S22

As we get closer to the event of introducing the next generation of Samsung flagship phones, more interesting rumors about these products are published. Yesterday, it was reported that the Galaxy S23 Ultra display will probably have less curvature than the S22 Ultra, so that users can work more easily with its S-Pen. Now another rumor has been published that points to the possibility of increasing the storage memory of the base model of the S23 series compared to the current generation of these products.

The base model of the Galaxy S22 series, including the Ultra version of this family, was released with 128 GB of storage, while the current Samsung flagships do not use a microSD card slot, and therefore it is not possible to increase their internal memory. Disclosure called Ahmed Quyder Best known for releasing mock-up videos of unannounced phones, he has claimed that the base model of all Galaxy S23 series will have 256GB of storage.

Quyder It has also announced that the base model of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be equipped with 12 GB of RAM. In comparison, the base model of the Galaxy S22 Ultra was released with 8 GB of RAM. Professional users, who are actually the target market of the Ultra version of Samsung flagships, will definitely welcome the increase in storage memory and RAM of the next generation of these phones.

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