The Apple Watch is probably seven years away from a blood glucose monitoring system

Mark Germanwhistleblower Bloombergbelieves that blood sugar monitoring technology The Apple Watch won’t arrive for several years. Last month, Garman said that Apple has reached a great achievement in the development process of this technology. The technology in question allows Apple Watch users to measure blood sugar levels without using a syringe.

In order to estimate sugar levels without using a blood sample, Apple is producing a silicon photonic chip that uses an optical interpolation technique. In this method, light from a laser is emitted under the skin so that the concentration of sugar in the body can be measured.

Mark German says Apple needs to perfect the algorithms and onboard sensors before the new technology comes into play. Apple’s current test device has dimensions of approx It has an iPhone and can be attached to the patient’s arm. The previous version was so large that the patient had to place it on the table. This device should be small enough to be inserted into the Apple Watch. German says the smaller device will take at least another three to seven years to produce.

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