The Apple Podcasts app now converts podcasts to text

The Apple Podcasts app now converts podcasts to text

According to AppleThe transcript of podcasts is searchable in Apple Podcasts, which means that users can type a specific word or phrase and be directed to that part of the podcast they want. Transcripts of podcasts are displayed individually in the lower left corner of the Now Playing screen.

Spotify introduced auto-transcribing podcasts last fall, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple decided to add the same feature to the Apple Podcasts app.

Podcasters who do not wish to have their transcript automatically generated in Apple Podcasts can manually upload a dedicated transcript file via RSS tags or through Apple Podcasts Connect. In addition, the ability to re-upload, download and edit the previous transcript of podcasts is available to the creators.

Auto-transcription feature in Apple Podcasts will be available in more than 170 countries and in English, French, German and Spanish. It is not possible to translate podcast transcripts from one language to another.

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