The Ampere Innovation Center was launched with the participation of Raizko Holding and Value

New Ampere Innovation Center started its activity this morning by holding a ceremony in addition to opening its own innovation center, which is the result of the cooperation of two innovation centers belonging to two major holdings in the country. Ampere Innovation and Creative Industries Center, which was established in 2009 under the supervision of Raizco Holding, has started its activities with the aim of strengthening the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem of the country; Now, after nearly 3 years of operation of this center, this morning a memorandum of understanding was signed with Novin Value Company, a subsidiary of Value Group, which will result in the cooperation of these two companies under one flag and as the center of innovation and creative modern industries of Ampere .

In addition to signing a memorandum of cooperation, the two startup companies opened their own innovation center on a special road. Due to the fact that the Ampere Innovation Center is supported by Raizko Holding, which is one of the largest component manufacturing holdings in the country, it is possible to easily access laboratory facilities for the development and technical testing of hardware products for startups active in this center.

According to New Value and Ampere executives, the purpose of integrating the activities of the two holding companies’ technological investment arms is to create synergies in the field of innovation, attention to the value chain of the two holdings, targeted investment, commercialization of ideas and also development of knowledge-based businesses. As we have mentioned, the support of Novin Ampere by the two major holdings of the country has made it possible to invest from idea to become a sustainable business, among the competitive advantages of Novin Ampere. It should also be noted that facilitating liaison with regulatory bodies, market access and easier commercialization, and the use of a network of laboratory services are among Ampere’s new competitive advantages.

Given the areas of activity of Raizco and Value Holdings, Novin Amper seeks to invest in and accelerate ideas that have helped the value generation cycle of both holdings. These include activities in the field of electric vehicles, smart cars and cars. The IoT and the medical field are also among the priorities of the Ampere Center for Innovation and Creative Industries.

According to the explanations provided by Novin Ampere managers, this innovation center intends to make the first call and selection of top projects to enter the new Ampere investment and development cycle at the beginning of September of this year. The acceleration process in Novin Ampe will be such that after identifying and analyzing the received ideas, the top projects will be selected and after reviewing the plan and business and investment, commercialization, start-up business independence and development will be on the agenda. Achieve new managers from turning an idea into a business.

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