The American politician compared Tik Tok to fentanyl

According to one of the Republican members of Congress who proposed the bill to block Tik Tok in America, selling this Chinese social network to an American company would be a wise thing. Mike Gallagher, a prominent critic of the Chinese government, who will assume a more prominent role in Congress this Tuesday, has likened Tik Tok to “digital fentanyl.” From his point of view, this social network is addictive and destructive like fentanyl and is related to the Chinese Communist Party.

In an interview with NBC, Gallagher said that Bytedance, the owner of Tik Tok, is basically controlled by the Chinese Communist Party; For this reason, Tik Tok should be monitored more: “We have to ask ourselves whether we want the Chinese Communist Party to control the Tik Tok social network, which is becoming the most powerful social media in America.”

to report Financial Times, TikTok considers Mike Gallagher’s claims to be far from the truth and wants to explain to members of Congress its comprehensive plan to address national security concerns. Tik Tok clearly says that the Chinese Communist Party does not directly or indirectly monitor this social network and ByteDance.

Gallagher’s comments come as the US government has taken a tougher approach against TikTok in recent months. Many American politicians have called for serious confrontation with Tik Tok. In recent years, this social network has experienced explosive growth and has managed to attract the attention of many American teenagers.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the US Senate unanimously approved a bill to ban government employees from using Tik Tok. According to this new law, Tik Tok should not be installed in government offices. A large number of US states, including Maryland, Texas, and Iowa, had banned the use of Tik Tok in government offices before the Congress took action.

Gallagher in collaboration with Marco Rubio, the top Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, proposed a bill to ban Tik Tok. The two are trying to ban Tik Tok completely in the United States. Several Democratic members of the Senate have also supported this bill.

In his new interview, Gallagher said that the proposed bill would allow the sale of Tik Tok to an American company. According to Gallagher, American corporate ownership of Tik Tok is a feasible solution. Gallagher says moving TikTok’s data centers to a country like Singapore is a “quasi-solution” and essentially helps the Chinese government and ByteDance monitor TikTok.

Mike Gallagher is a former US intelligence officer who has become one of the main critics of China since joining Congress in 2016. Kevin McCarthy, the senior Republican member of the US House of Representatives, hopes to be elected as Speaker in the coming days. He said last month that he would choose Gallagher to lead the “China Select Committee.” This committee helps the Washington administration to be more strict on China.

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A number of senior Republican members of the House of Representatives from the government Joe Biden Tik Tok has been criticized for not being strict. They say the government should speed up Tik Tok focused bills. Chris RayFBI director also said last month that Tik Tok plays a role in facilitating spying on Americans and that Beijing can manipulate the algorithms of this application with the aim of facilitating infiltration operations in the United States.

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