The Alienware Nyx controller was introduced with an appearance similar to the Steam and PlayStation 5 controllers and many features

Dell introduced the Alienware Nyx concept model last year. This product acted as a large game server for the home, allowing users to play PC games on almost any display. This year at CES 2023, this company has introduced a new wireless controller with which you can easily enjoy playing your favorite games while lying on the sofa.

Last year, Alienware presented its conceptual model of the handheld console called UFO. This year, this brand has unveiled a new controller named Nyx with new and customizable features and technologies.

The front of the Alienware Nyx looks like a combination of a Steam controller and a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. The analog sticks of this controller are in the same position as the Sony console controller, and the touch pad is in the usual position of the arrow pad. Standard X, B, A, Y buttons and trigger keys are also installed on the left and right sides of its upper edge. Finally, the Alienware logo can be seen in the central part of the controller, with the fingerprint sensor also integrated with it.

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