The absence of the Galaxy Note 21 does not help the Galaxy S21 sell more

In 2021, we saw the introduction of very good smartphones by various companies, but the absence of a name among last year’s phones was clearly felt because, contrary to Samsung’s usual tradition, in 2021, a new model of the company’s Galaxy Note series was not introduced.

According to Android Authority, all indications are that the non-introduction of the new Note series was in fact Samsung’s calculated strategy to help increase sales of the Galaxy S21 series. In other words, the company probably thought that if the Galaxy Note 21 series was not available, customers would buy more Galaxy S21 series phones.

According to a report by the Korean media The Elec, the strategy of not producing the new Note series will probably not work in the end. The report claims that the number of handsets sold in the Galaxy S21 series in 2021 was almost equal to the number of handsets sold in the Galaxy S20 series in 2020. In fact, the company has similarly launched about 20 million Galaxy S20 series and 20 million Galaxy S21 series in the last two years.

Considering the significant impact of the Corona epidemic on the smartphone industry in 2020 compared to 2021, it can be concluded that sales of the Galaxy S21 were lower than expected.

The apparent abandonment of the Galaxy Note series by Samsung was a calculated risk. The company had to consider whether the design and production of the Galaxy Note 21 was worth it. Given the problem of persistent chip shortages in the world and the epidemic of coronary heart disease, the introduction of a new smartphone is not simply a thing of the past.

The Elec said in part of its report that Samsung blamed production problems for the low sales of the Galaxy S21 series last year. The company said that if the factories based in Vietnam would not face the problems they faced; It could possibly sell more smartphones. With that in mind, Samsung may have made the right decision not to produce the new Galaxy Note. Even if the company produced the new Galaxy Note, it was not clear how difficult it would be for customers to buy it.

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However, Samsung is likely to increase sales of the Galaxy S21 series by not producing a new model for the Galaxy Note series. Unfortunately, this strategy does not seem to work. The data show that people who were looking to buy the Galaxy Note 21 series did not buy the Galaxy S21.

It’s interesting to see what the outcome of Samsung’s strategy will be this year. All the evidence is that the Galaxy S22 Ultra Valley will actually be the Galaxy Note 22, which will be launched under a new name this time. Do you think this name change and Samsung strategy will help sell more Galaxy S22 series?

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