The ability to preview Instagram posts on Twitter has finally been activated

Undoubtedly, Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networking applications in the world. This platform is a great way to share everyday images and videos with friends and followers. You can share your content with others in the form of posts or stories.

One of the major drawbacks of Instagram is that the preview of posts on this social network is not displayed when sharing on other platforms such as Twitter. Years ago, users of this social network asked to add this feature to their platform, and now, after a long time, this feature is now available.

According to XDA, Meta announced in a blog post that it is improving the way uploaded content is displayed on other social platforms. Previously, if you shared an Instagram post on your Twitter profile, only part of the text of the post would be displayed along with its link to Instagram. However, with the new update of this platform, now when sharing posts on Twitter and other social networks, a preview of the post will be displayed along with a direct link to the mentioned content on Instagram.

However, the preview of posts is only shown when posts are shared from public accounts. So, if you have a private Instagram account, viewers should still click on the link to follow the main content of your Twitter posts and follow you. Instagram has announced that previews are also available for a variety of posts on the social platform, including photos, videos, Reels, and circles; But this feature is not currently available for stories.

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In addition to the ability to preview the app’s posts on other social platforms such as Twitter, you can now embed your Instagram profile on a website to display a preview of the content you have posted on this platform. Note, however, that this feature is currently only available to public accounts. This new feature will first be available to users in the United States, and in the near future we will see it available to users in other parts of the world.

If you want to embed your Instagram profile on a website, you can go to your profile and go to Settings> Embed> Copy Embed Code. Then, put the code provided in this section on your website.

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