The ability to pin the user’s own video window will be added to Microsoft Thames soon

Nowadays, Microsoft Thames users can pin other participants’ video feeds in sessions to increase their size and still be visible even when others are talking.

According to mspoweruser, Microsoft is planning to introduce a new feature that allows users to pin their video on stage. The new Thames update is also set to allow users to view their video in increased screen size.

New feature of Microsoft Thames

Microsoft says the new feature will fix a number of issues:

  • No more overlapping video frames of the user and other participants.
  • You can view your video on a larger scale and customize the video format.
  • You will have a better view when presenting or using sign language.
  • You will enjoy the balanced view that is created between you and the other participants; Because your video will be bigger and the sense of insignificance of the person who does not speak will no longer be transmitted

In addition, you should be aware that pinning your video only affects how you view the meeting and not someone else.

New feature of Microsoft Thames

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How to pin your video on Microsoft Thames?

  • به منو Me video go. You can put it in the box Find me.
  • Select the Pin for me option. A pin appears next to your name and increases its size. If you no longer want your image pinned, select Unpin for me.
  • By clicking on the menu next to your name, you can change the status of your image pin or not.

The feature will be available between early January and early February 2022 for Mac and Windows customers for standard users, late January for GCC government users, mid-February for GCC-H users, and the end of February 2022 for the Department of Defense.

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