The 7 million GLX flagship with 5G support was introduced

According to Zomit, the localization of the Iranian mobile phone in recent years has been one of the three major national plans for the development of the digital economy. In this regard, the former Minister of Communications had promised Iran by the end of 1999 Production will reach 400,000 smartphones per year. Zomit survey of the mobile phone market last year showed that not even 100,000 Iranian phones were made in 1399; Of course, this statistic includes both smartphones and non-smartphones! More details on this issue in the article Zomit entitled “What was the result of the Ministry of Communications program to produce 400,000 smartphones in 1399?” read.

Mohammad Javad Jahromi also announced the allocation of a budget of 500 million Tomans to the country’s mobile phone operators to sell these phones in installments. However, in this field, only in December Last year, Saeiran’s first phone called Vira V5 and priced at around 3 million Tomans was sold in Irancell store. The Minister of Communications announced at the same time that It is not possible to make zero to one hundred mobile phones at present in the country, and Saeiran phones are also available. In format of Smartphone Complete and “packed” (or CBU) were purchased from China.

Now, two years after the introduction of the smartphone Shahin 2, the Iranian company JLX, unveiled “General Lux Shahin 3” three days ago. The fifth GLX phone, which has once again been named the flagship, has been placed on the GLX website with a price of 6 million and 990 thousand Tomans, plus 9% value added for pre-sale. The prepayment amount for registering the order is set at 50,000 Tomans, which will be given to the customers Prioritizes receiving Shahin 3.

Shahin 3 GLX user interface

Goya Arvand Mobile Communication Company (GLX) has surprised its customers this time and has introduced its new flagship with 5G network capability, MediaTek 810 dual-core processor, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. The company cites the most important focus of General Lux Shahin 3 as its hardware power, especially the rear and selfie camera, the screen and the memory, and the powerful speaker sound.

Some specifications of Shahin Seh are as follows:

  • AMOLED display with dimensions of 6.57 inches and Full HD resolution
  • Weight 171 grams
  • Two nano SIM cards with simultaneous support
  • Android operating system 11
  • MediaTek 810 dual-dimensional chip with eight-core processor
  • 4200 mAh battery
  • 64-megapixel quad-camera and 16-megapixel dual selfie camera
  • Supports fast charging with Type C interface
  • Polycarbonate body and leather cover
  • Has a fingerprint sensor
  • Face recognition capability
  • 18-month warranty
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This phone comes with a handsfree, charging cable and of course only dark green leather.

JALX describes its progress in smartphone production as astonishing as Shahin III A serious competitor for the big world flagships Knows. With this production, JLX claims that it has reduced the quality gap between its products and the world’s top brands and is determined to capture a significant part of the country’s market.

In describing the appearance of Shahin 3, GLX also said that the color and design on the leather back give the user a sense of luxury while being simple. He also added that the type of cameras and flash on the back of the phone is very elegant and unique. However, if we skip the similar design on the back of the phone with the Redmi Note 10; But the image and logo that can be seen while charging the GLX phone is exactly the Xiaomi logo.

The similarity of the charging logo of Shahin 3 GLX phone with Xiaomi

According to the Iranian phone manufacturer, Shahin 3, by using strong hardware and smooth touch and screen style, will not reduce any game and software environment, and “there is no news of slowing down in doing heavy work.”

Although the price of the phone seems high, JALX has mentioned its new phone with high capabilities and improved specifications, one of the best phones on the market in the price range of 7 million Tomans. It remains to be seen what performance this smartphone will have in practice. What do you think about the new JLX smartphone? In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this phone compared to its counterparts in the country market?

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