The 26th Elcamp exhibition will be held on July 4-7

The 26th edition of the Alcamp exhibition, which was postponed several times until now due to various reasons such as the spread of Corona, coinciding with the Muharram days, the general situation of the country and the unfavorable situation of the Internet and Internet businesses, is finally scheduled to be held in the first week of July and from the 4th to the 7th. to be held in July.

According to the public relations report of the Computer Trade Union Organization of Tehran province, those interested and applicants for participation in the new round of electronics, computer and e-commerce exhibition can register to attend this event from today, Saturday, May 9th.

Applicants for registration in the 26th edition of Alcomp Exhibition can go to Elcomp site Visit. Al-Camp 1402 will be held on July 4-7, 1402 at the permanent location of international exhibitions in Tehran.

According to the announcement of this organization, in this period of the exhibition, applicants of less than eighty square meters of exhibition space, after registration, verification of documents and placement of the booth by the organizing headquarters on the Elcamp site, have 48 hours to register by paying the related fees. confirm

Applicants for more than 80 square meters of space will be invited for placement after registering on the Alcomp site, according to the time priority of registration, and this group will have 48 hours to register after determining the space of the booth. Determine yourself.

In addition, Tehran’s Nasr Organization has announced that applicants from government organizations and institutions, as well as the private sector, can register by referring to ElComp’s website. Obviously, the registration of this group of applicants will be finalized after the financial settlement.

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