The 1TB version of the Galaxy S22‌ Ultra is likely to be available in some markets

In late 2021, a former Samsung employee announced that the most advanced Galaxy S22 series, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, would have a maximum of one terabyte of storage memory. The accuracy of this report has not been confirmed in recent days; Because marketing claims that the maximum storage memory will be 512 GB. Now one confident whistleblower has re-announced that there may be a model of the S22 Ultra with 1TB of storage.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra will largely become the successor to the Galaxy Note 20 (the latest Note series phone), largely thanks to the dedicated storage space of the S Pen, which is not present in the S211 Ultra; Of course, the dedicated pen space is not the only feature that makes the S22 Ultra special.

In addition, according to previous renderings, this phone will probably have a new design and no camera protrusions, and will come with powerful Snapdragon 8-generation chips from a Qualcomm or Samsung Exynos 2200. Smooth navigation at work and play, a powerful camera system and a powerful 5,000 mAh battery will be other flagship features of Samsung’s future.

Recent leaks have revealed that the phone will be available in three configurations with 8 GB of RAM with 128 GB of storage or 12 GB of RAM with 256 GB of storage or 12 GB of RAM with 512 GB of storage; But now there seems to be a 1TB model as well.

There will be a Galaxy S21 Ultra 1TB; But there is a problem

Roland Quant It is absolutely certain that a single terabyte version of the S22 Ultra will also be available; But it will only be available in a few markets. Earlier, this information He Agarwal said. According to Agarwal, the model will definitely be available in “major European markets”.

As a reminder, the Galaxy S10 Plus 2019 also uses one terabyte of storage memory and a microSD port to increase the amount of memory. The Galaxy S22 Ultra may not come with expandable storage; For this reason, there are rumors that a single terabyte version may be necessary.

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Apple’s iPhone 13 series is also equipped with a maximum of one terabyte of storage memory; So, the Korean giant will probably launch this model to compete with the Cupertino and make the S22 Ultra the best phone of the year.

Meanwhile, you have to pay more to buy a 1TB Ultra S22. Priced at $ 1,399, the S21 Ultra with 512GB of storage will likely sell for around $ 1,500.

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